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Moosejaw Review Summary

Overall, Moosejaw is a legit site, rated 6.9 out of 10, who's been selling outdoor apparel, backpacks, and more for over 25 years while offering free 2-day shipping and lifetime returns on most products.

There are some negative Moosejaw reviews though (stated below) and complaints online.


Positive Moosejaw Reviews Stated

> price match guarantee (item must be identical)

> free 2-day delivery on orders of $49+

> lifetime return/exchange policy (must be in "sellable condition")

> good prices (up to 63% off retail)


Negative Moosejaw Reviews Stated

> some items can be lower quality material

> a few customers were sent the wrong size clothing

> lengthy return and refund process

> customer service isn't as good as it once was

8.1Expert Score
Is MooseJaw Legit & Safe?
Is MooseJaw Reliable?
MooseJaw Guarantee
MooseJaw Prices
MooseJaw Shipping Cost
MooseJaw Shipping Delivery
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Is MooseJaw Legit & Safe?
Is MooseJaw Reliable?
MooseJaw Guarantee
MooseJaw Prices
MooseJaw Shipping Cost
MooseJaw Shipping Delivery
MooseJaw Help & Support
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is moosejaw legit check moosejaw reviews 2020

Is Moosejaw Legit? Check Moosejaw Reviews.

Pros: Moosejaw Reviews

Here are a few good things about Moosejaw:

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Safe & Secure Checkout
  • On-Time Delivery

A couple great things about Moosejaw is the lifetime returns and free 2-day delivery.

Let’s take a look at how Moosejaw’s lifetime return really works.

moosejaw reviews lifetime return exchange products

Moosejaw Review – How’s the Lifetime Returns Work?

First, make sure if you return an item that it’s in “sellable condition,” meaning unworn, aside from trying it on of course.

What about Moosejaw’s free 2-day delivery?

The free 2-day shipping applies to orders that are $59 or more, but it’s not available on oversized or freight orders.

Moosejaw ships to the US, Canada, and most countries (see below):

moosejaw free shipping 2 days delivery review

Moosejaw US Shipping Delivery Times and Cost

You can check Moosejaw’s international shipping to over 225 countries, which they say takes 1-2 days to delivery via UPS Wordwide Express.


What is Moosejaw International Shipping Policy?

Moosejaw claims that International shipping takes 1-2 business days, but in some review cases seen it can take up to 4-5 days.

The most common positive Moosejaw reviews were about their good prices, which can be up to 63% off retail.

moosejaw promo code 2020

Cons: Moosejaw Reviews

There are a few not so good Moosejaw reviews saying:

  • lengthy return and refund process on some items
  • difficult help with customer service
  • some lower quality clothing compared to others
  • some discounted clothing can be outdated (like last years model)

One thing to note, some discounted and clearance items sold on Moosejaw can be lower quality material.

One customer review said they received the incorrect size on the clothing they ordered from

The policy on Moosejaw for international orders and returns is not free or prepaid, like the US returns.

For international order returns, you must pay the cost of the shipping for returns or exchanges and mail it to the following address:


How Do International Orders and Returns Work?

Any Alternative Sites Like Moosejaw?

In comparison with Moosejaw and it’s pricing on outdoor apparel, there is

When comparing Moosejaw reviews you can see that Mountain Steals is legit and the reviews are more positive overall.

This site, MountainSteals is similar to Moosejaw as both sites offer discounts on top name brands.

A few positives and similarities when comparing is Mountain Steals has:

  • price match guarantee
  • 30-day return and exchange policy
  • international shipping available

mountain steals promo code review

Moosejaw Review Videos

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  1. 4.2
    Is MooseJaw Legit & Safe?
    Is MooseJaw Reliable?
    MooseJaw Guarantee
    MooseJaw Prices
    MooseJaw Shipping Cost
    MooseJaw Shipping Delivery
    MooseJaw Help & Support

    I ordered a arceteryx cerium hoody and I am liking it so far! Definitely keeps me warm and dry when I need it. The price wasn’t cheap, but I think it was worth it. The material and quality appears to be good and authentic.

    + PROS: Good quality Authentic Free shipping
    - CONS: Price
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  2. 4.2
    Is MooseJaw Legit & Safe?
    Is MooseJaw Reliable?
    MooseJaw Guarantee
    MooseJaw Prices
    MooseJaw Shipping Cost
    MooseJaw Shipping Delivery
    MooseJaw Help & Support

    Stopped going to REI. Moosejaw has everything I need.

    + PROS: Excellent site.
    - CONS: Not all brands are listed in the 'brands' alphabetic listings. Ex. GSI- not in the g's Snow Peak not in the S's
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