MooseJaw Reviews 2017

Is MooseJaw Legit,
Reliable or a Good Company?

What I Like:
MooseJaw Review

MooseJaw has been in business for over 25 years and with that much experience, yeah, I’d say the company is legit.

Now, is MooseJaw reliable or good authentic quality?
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The search on their site is set up in a fantastic way, and it is super easy to find just what you want.

The selection of clothing was incredible, too. There were far more styles and sizes available than anticipated.

The best part about the site, though? The sales.

Gear is expensive, and quality gear is even more so, but MooseJaw has excellent prices and a lot of items on sale. 

    • MooseJaw Coupon Code 2017
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • 6 Month Return (gift card)
    • Price Match Guarantee
    • Safe & Secure Checkout
    • On-Time Delivery

What I Didn’t Like:
MooseJaw Review

The only negative thing found was the layout of the site. It was just a bit too noisy. The links pop-up when you roll over them, which would be fine in and of itself, but there are so many links that a single swipe across the screen has all sorts of options and lists popping up, becoming very distracting when you just want to browse the store.

There is simply too much information to be found, and so many words and links on the page that it is difficult to discern where, exactly, to look first.

A little less clutter would go a long way to making as aesthetically pleasing as it is full of quality items.

    • Complaints of Customer Support Issues
    • Prices Can Be Expensive For Some
    • Potential Sales Tax
Overall Thoughts:
MooseJaw Review is a fantastic online retailer that specializes in outdoor recreation gear, apparel, and accessories.

The quality of everything is exceptional, their 6 month return policy is unmatched, and their selection is good.

They cater to partakers of sports and pastimes such as rock climbing, hiking, camping, biking, snowboarding, and water sports.

Founded in 1992 by Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe, two wilderness guides, the site has since exploded in popularity, even going so far as to be named one of the Top 50 Retailers by several magazines and groups, as well as garnering recognition in the New York Times.

With ten stores open, and several more on the way, is making their mark on store retail while keeping their online base flowing smoothly.

They currently have a D+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have just over 10 complaints against MooseJaw on

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    JLM May 17, 2016 at 4:22 pm
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    100 Guarantee
    100 Prices
    100 Hidden Fees
    100 Shipping Cost
    90 Shipping Delivery
    100 Help & Support

    This website had in stock items when the manufacturer’s website was out of stock. Easy to search and link to amazon pay, combined with google authorized seller, makes this transaction top notch

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