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MacMall Reviews 2020
MacMall Reviews 2020
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Is MacMall Legit & Safe Site?

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2 reviews

Overall, is a great website that provides you with 24/7 customer service and all you need to get some top quality products and most importantly, save you a good deal of money in the process. The thorough listing of each product’s capabilities and features, along with their product codes and prices alongside it on each individual page, means you are given all the information that you could possibly need in order to know exactly what you are buying. The website is clearly laid out as per the MacMall review, runs very smoothly and provides you with all the tools to become a happy Apple product owner, with some money left over!

7.1Expert Score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
7 Guarantee
6.5 Prices
7 Hidden Fees
9 Shipping Cost
8 Shipping Delivery
5.5 Help & Support
0.8User's score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
0.5 Guarantee
0.5 Prices
3.5 Hidden Fees
0.5 Shipping Cost
0.5 Shipping Delivery
0.5 Help & Support
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About: Review is a fantastic website where you can find almost anything you want or need for Apple products and information.  

If you are looking to order Apple products for a cheaper price, then look no further.  

MacMall is a website that can give you great deals on Apple products ranging from Mac computers, Mac software, Apple TV’s to all the latest iPod’s and iPad’s and accessories on the market these days.

MacMall has been delivering products since 1987 and the company takes pride in their ability to provide these products to a huge range of people at cheaper prices.  

They sell to consumers, businesses, and professionals and will help you with financing and leasing and a wide variety of business solutions.

Pros: MacMall Review

Some of the best features of MacMall jump out at you right on the homepage.

They provide such a vast array of products it’s almost daunting.

Each product comes with a clear indication of how much the product costs, along with an indication to how much you will save on the recommended retail price if you buy it from them.

This lets you see clearly the best deals available.

Some of the products listed are being sold with a discount of up to $700 dollars off. Shipping is free on orders over $25.

This is a great website to find some of the best deals around in the MacMall reviews.

They sell to consumers, businesses and professionals and will help you with financing and leasing and a wide variety of business solutions.

  • 14 Day Guarantee
  • 1 Year Apple Warranty
  • Free Shipping Over $25
  • #1 Apple Direct Retailer
  • Financing Available

Cons: MacMall Review are shipping restrictions that you should know about ahead of time.

Anything ordered will require a signature when it is delivered and must be delivered to a physical address, according to the MacMall reviews.

They do not ship to post office boxes or hotels/motels at all. Also, there have been complaints of not receiving items ordered on specified dates that the customer was given.

These have mostly been at the end of November and in December, due to holiday demands.

  • Some Items Temporarily Out of Stock

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  1. 0.55
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    20 Hidden Fees
    10 Shipping Cost
    10 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    MacMall cashed a check and never sent the merchandise. After several calls they offered me credit, raised the price and mailed me a refund check that bounced. Good luck with these artist. And by the way I do not really believe their customer service is in America. They sound Chinese.

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  2. 0.3
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    0 Guarantee
    0 Prices
    50 Hidden Fees
    0 Shipping Cost
    0 Shipping Delivery
    0 Help & Support

    Mac mall is shady! They called and were asking me a bunch of credit card information over the phone after the order was placed. Because of that I canceled the order. But guess what was sitting on my doorstep for days later with no signature required? They just left a $2000 computer at my door. I had emailed them previously when they sent me a shipment confirmation, and said, “why is this shipping? I canceled the order for days ago!” I also told them in the email that I would refuse the shipment. I looked at my bank statement, and I hadn’t been charged yet. Guess when they charged me? After the FedEx man left it on my doorstep. Since then and has been an absolute pain to get them you pick up the package again, or respond. I’ve already contacted the FTC, and plan on continuing with my complaints. This is the most drawn out a cancellation I have ever experienced. And this website is not a very good reflection of the truth. Every other rating I saw was negative for Mac Mall/PC Mall, including a story in the Huffington post.

    + PROS: Absolutely none
    - CONS: See review
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  3. They use obvious bait & switch sales techniques for new computers. The slightly upgraded iMac they promoted couldn’t be delivered – just an 8MB ram upgrade that an armature could install. Had to cancel my order since they couldn’t deliver what was advertised and they tried to switch me to something different.

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