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Buying your cigars, wine and beers at is surely one of the best choices you can do today. There are many satisfied customers who can refer the company to their family and friends when it comes to their products. This review is sure to give people a better view of how the company works and how they can benefit by checking out their website right now. You will just have to make sure that you have understood their policy of sending cigars, wines and beers by the end of the month.

8.6Expert Score
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Is Legit & Safe?
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PROS: has been a business owned by a family for more than 20 years now. It all started and continues to be operated using the principles that are dedicated to provide consistent quality as well as variety through their strict selection process. They have been intentionally limited the amount of clubs they operate throughout the years because they want to make sure that products they manufacture are of the best quality only. Continue reading this review to learn more about how this company operates and how you can benefit from it.

  • Product Return Guarantee
  • Top Quality Products
  • Numerous Club Choices
  • Great Customer Support

The only negative thing that will be said in this review is that their shipments arrive a bit late in the month. People that will be ordering products such as cigars and wine from the company will only have their items arrive around the last week of each month. This can be quite frustrating for folks that need these items as soon as possible. Imagine having an important event and you require their goods to reach you quickly. This is something that is not possible with because when it comes to cigars, wine and beer, they will always arrive several days before the month ends.

  • Service Fee at Checkout
  • Prices Can Fluctuate

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    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    10 Shipping Cost
    10 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    Purchased an order mid November. 7 weeks later, when I inquire about the order, the first representative I spoke to informs me that she cannot find my information has been processed at the distributing plant and will call me back the next day once she gets that sorted. No call back. Call back a few days later, speak with the same representative who states she doesn’t remember talking to me until I give her my order number. States my order is still lost. When I ask for a refund she puts me through to someone I’m told is the supervisor, but lacks obvious skills of communication. He decides instead of taking this moment to make an irrate customer happier, to instead berate me on the inner workings of the parcel service and how my order may or may not arrive in another week or so (now making it 9 weeks late if it even does arrive). I keep just asking to cancel my non-existent order and to issue a refund and he proceeds to begin screaming and arguing with me that I’m not understanding their delivery system. I state, that yes it sounds like you have a lot of very unhappy customers right now because of your inadequate delivery system, this is not my problem-please issue me a refund and cancel my order. Supervisor (named Michael S.) then states he will issue my refund and cancel the order, but needs to make a snarky comment on how he hopes the recipient will enjoy his free beer. I state that I doubt it will ever arrive and thank him for cancelling my order and wish him a great day. No need for that entire argument to occur, let alone that comment at the end. Completely unprofessional. Company talks to customers with the same nuance as scam artists. I highly doubt I will even get my refund back.

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