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Overall, there are still many customers who claim in their Pro Direct Soccer reviews that the company is a legit and safe website to buy from today. Whether you are looking for football or soccer equipment, then you should definitely check them out for your needs. Even children can take advantage of browsing here to find the right items to fuel their passion for the sport.

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PROS for Pro Direct Soccer Reviews
Not only does provide you with their standard soccer or football gear, but they also cater to children as well. As a matter of fact, they have their own kid’s soccer department page where you can browse a wide range of items sold for children who are into the sport. Many of their Pro Direct Soccer reviews have also praised their online size guide that really helps people in finding the perfect fit for their needs.

  • 28-Day Return Policy
  • Soccer Gear Shop Online
  • Kids Department
  • Football Equipment Sold
  • Online Size Guide

CONS for Pro Direct Soccer Reviews
An issue that was encountered by customers, however, is with regards to orders being placed but to find out later after the due date that the item was not shipped by their customer service team. This has been an issue that some clients have mentioned in their reviews today. This is probably why have an F rating on because of such concerns.

  • Delivery Issues
  • F Rating under BBB
  • No Free Returns

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