Selfridges Reviews 2020

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Is Selfridges Legit,
Reliable or Safe Today?

What I Like
Selfridges Review

The website is a popular online store that sells designer fashion and accessories to people in need.

They have stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester but can also ship to countries outside of the UK.

They even offer their own mobile app to make it easier for people to browse their new items and find the things that interest them.

Many of their customers have also praised the 28-day full refund policy in their Selfridges reviews.

    • 28 Day Full Refund Policy
    • Designer Fashion & Accessories
    • Selfridges App for Mobile Browsing
    • International Deliveries

What I Didn’t Like
Selfridges Review

The thing that I do not like about the website is that they do not have a record in the Better Business Bureau. This might be because they have not applied for a record there. Whatever the case, it would be best if they do so since customers would like to read the reviews made by other customers. It would very much help them decide whether to buy at the website or not.

    • No Record & Reviews in BBB
Overall Thoughts
Selfridges Review

Overall, many people buy at the website and at their physical stores.

There are many fashion and accessories to be bought here. They are updated regularly to provide customers with the trendiest clothing they need at this time.

If you have any questions with regards to the Selfridges reviews, you can always contact their excellent 24/7 customer support right now.

About The Company
Selfridges Review

The site is a provider of designer fashion and accessories to people online.

They also have physical department stores that you can browse these items by hand.

Their website offers a mobile app that will let you browse their products easily using a mobile phone.

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