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Social CBD Drops Review
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In this Social CBD Drops review I tested Meyer Lemon and the Unlfavored for 60 days.

The Social CBD Drops I reviewed had 1,500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil from hemp plants in each bottle.

After a solid 2 weeks of consistently taking these CBD oil drops twice a day, I felt calmer and more focused while working.

Both Social CBD Oil Drops worked good to help relieve some of my ADHD symptoms, and they seemed to help control my mood and stress better, since CBD oil works to balance our endocannabinoid system (ECS).
  • Worked good for my ADHD
  • CBD Oil from 100% Hemp Plants
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • No THC, no high
  • Costly for some
  • It can be not easy to understand how it works
  • Not good documentation

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Let’s Review Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops Quality


 Social CBD Drops Reviews Broad Spectrum

Each of the Social CBD oil tincture formulations incorporates hemp-derived CBD and other plant extracts that work in harmony to enhance your relaxation and healing.

It’s completely plant-based and comes in concentrations of 1,500 mg to 375 mg of CBD per 30ml bottle.

    • just 100% pure CBD oil with MCT oil and essential oil blends

These are also, all locally sourced from organic high-quality essential oils sourced from a local Oregon farm that has the same high standards.

Is Social CBD Legit?

is social cbd legit

 is social cbd legit

Yes, all broad-spectrum and isolate Social CBD oil drops are legit and:

Note: all Social CBD drops, including broad-spectrum and isolate drops contain no THC, which means that you won’t notice any psychoactivity or feel “high,” and Social CBD Drops are legit CBD oil products on the market today.

How do you extract the Social CBD Drops?

According to their FAQ’s page at SocialCBD.com/FAQ, they use a distillation extraction method for the Broad-Spectrum Social CBD Drops.

For the Isolate Social CBD Drops they use an ethanol extraction process.

All Social CBD Oil drops and tinctures are:

A popular question is,

What’s the difference between…

Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum CBD oil?

An isolated CBD oil is the purest form of CBD, so the extract is cooled and further purified into crystalline isolate form.

Basically, when an isolate CBD is extracted from hemp plants all other compounds besides CBD, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids are removed

broad-spectrum delivers CBD and other minor cannabinoids extracted from hemp plants giving you a broader range and benefits of the hemp plant.

full-spectrum delivers CBD and should include these 5 other known cannabinoids including CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBL are extracted from hemp plants giving you a full range and benefits of the hemp plant.

How do you use Social CBD drops?

I recommend starting off w/:

    • 12.5 – 25mg per serving of oil 1-2 times a day for the first week or so with these Social CBD Drops

After the first week, you can increase your dosage slowly for the desired effect you’re looking for.

I personally would put the CBD oil under the tongue for a few minutes to let it absorb quicker into your body.

    • you should feel the CBD oil effect and work within 1-2 hours

The effect should last 3-6 hours or more depending on your CBD tolerance, activity level, food intake, etc.

social cbd drops good 1ml oil dropper

 Social CBD Drops are good w/ 1 ml oil dropper measurement


6 Different Flavors and Effects

1. Meyer Lemon Social CBD Drops Review

social cbd oil drops broad spectrum review meyer lemon

 social cbd oil drops broad-spectrum review meyer lemon

Ingredients in Meyer Lemon Social CBD Drops

    • CBD Hemp Extract
    • MCT Oil
    • Natural Flavor (vanilla mint)
    • Stevia
reviews social cbd drops broad spectrum ingredients meyer lemon

 reviews social cbd drops broad spectrum ingredients meyer lemon

Effects and Benefits of the Meyer Lemon Social CBD Drops

Overall, I like the 1,500 mg bottle of Lemon Social CBD Drops that I tested and reviewed.

The CBD oil and lemon worked good and helped with my ADHD symptoms, so I could focus a little more during work.

The lemon in these Social CBD Oil Drops is also:

    • a natural energy booster
    • the scent stimulates the hippocampus area of the brain
    • for increased mental clarity and improved memory
    • the flavor and smell tell your brain it’s time to focus

2. Unflavored Social CBD Drops Review

review social cbd drops unflavored oil

  review social cbd drops unflavored oil

Ingredients in Unflavored Social CBD Drops

    • CBD Hemp Extract
    • MCT Oil
    • Natural Flavor
ingredients social cbd drops reviews unflavored

  ingredients social cbd drops reviews unflavored

Effects and Benefits of the Unflavored Social CBD Drops

The Unflavored which I personally tried myself for 60 days actually worked well with just taking 25 mg at a time.

From my experience:

    • I was a little more calm and relaxed after an hour or so when the CBD kicked in and it lasted about 3-4 hours

There was a slight taste of sweetness since there are natural flavors it says in this unflavored broad-spectrum social CBD oil.


3. Cinnamon Leaf Social CBD Drops Review

social cbd drops reviews cinnamon leaf 1500mg

  social cbd drops reviews cinnamon leaf 1500mg

Ingredients in Cinnamon Leaf Social CBD Drops

    • CBD Hemp Extract
    • MCT Oil
    • Natural Flavor (cinnamon)
    • Stevia

Effects and Benefits of Cinnamon Leaf Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

Broad-spectrum CBD delivers CBD oil plus other natural cannabinoids giving you a broader range and more benefits of the hemp plant.

Cinnamon has a good taste to it, and it’s essential oil benefits are known to:

    • stimulate the libido to help as a mood enhancer
    • help strengthen the immunity

4. Vanilla Mint Social CBD Drops Review


  social cbd drops reviews vanilla mint cbd oil broad spectrum

Ingredients in Vanilla Mint Social CBD Drops

    • 100% CBD Hemp Extract Oil
    • MCT Oil
    • Natural Flavor (vanilla mint)
    • Stevia

5. Pomegranate Tea Social CBD Drops Review


  pomegranate tea social cbd drops oil

Ingredients in Pomegranate Tea Social CBD Drops

    • CBD Hemp Extract
    • MCT Oil
    • Natural Flavor (pomegranate tea)
    • Stevia

Effects and Benefits of Pomegranate Tea Broad Spectrum CBD Drops

The Pomegranate Tea flavored Broad Spectrum Social CBD Drops give you the support of CBD hemp extract oil and its essential pomegranate tea is rich in antioxidants, which are shown to boost the immune system.


6. Natural-Flavor Social CBD Drops Review


  natural flavor cbd oil drops by social cbd review

Ingredients in Natural Flavor Social CBD Drops

    • CBD Hemp Extract
    • MCT Oil
    • Natural Flavor (pomegranate tea)
    • Stevia

Effects and Benefits of Natural Flavor Social CBD Drops

This is for the hemp purist who wants to try a natural flavored broad-spectrum CBD oil.

I like that CBD helps to restore and balance your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps control your mood and stress.

Serving Sizes for Social CBD Drops Review

    • 1ml dropper at 12.5mg, 25mg, or 50mg of CBD oil x 30 servings in a bottle


All Social CBD Drops are Available in 3 Sizes

    • 375mg CBD Oil Drops = $39.99
      • a suggested serving is 12.5mg x 30 servings in a 1 fl oz bottle
    • 750mg CBD Oil Drops = $69.99
      • a suggested serving is 25mg x 30 servings in a 1 fl oz bottle
    • 1,500mg CBD Oil Drops = $124.99
        • a suggested serving is 50mg x 30 servings in a 1 fl oz bottle

      Top FAQ’s about SocialCBD.com

      Do you have any promotions for Social CBD?

      Do you ship to all 50 states?

            • yes! As of 2020, SocialCBD can ship their CBD products to all 50 states in the US

      What’s the cost of shipping?

            • shipping is free on all orders $99+
            • $5.99 for standard shipping on orders under $99

      How is my order shipped?

      What are the processing and handling times?

            • most orders will take 1 business day to handle (if order placed before 12 pm PST)
            • you will receive a confirmation email after ordering when your products will arrive with tracking

      Do you ship internationally?

            • at this time, with the United States hemp laws, it does not allow Social CBD, or any company in the US to sell CBD outside the US.

      What is the return policy?

            • if you receive a damaged or defective product, contact us then ship it back within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.
            • if you’re unhappy with your purchase or have other concerns, reach out to us!
            • we address every issue on a case-by-case basis, so if you’re unhappy with something, we’ll do our very best to work it out.
            • for help with refunds go here: https://socialcbd.com/refund-policy/

      How can I contact SocialCBD?

            • for any questions or concerns, please contact support@socialcbd.com
       How are other Social CBD products you’ve tested?

      Here is a list of Social CBD products I’ve tested and these are my favorite in order:

      The Social CBD Muscle Balm Stick with 400 mg of CBD oil is the most potent topical by Social CBD.

            • it’s currently my go-to (parents included) Social CBD product right now
            • for the price, this Social CBD Muscle Balm Stick Reviewed is a great value since you can just target certain areas and muscles that need it
            • I’ll rub this on my shoulders and joints after a physical day of work
      social cbd muscle balm stick reviews cooling mint

        social cbd muscle balm stick reviews cooling mint

      Social Naturals CBG Drops at 1,500 mg of CBG per bottle is one of my favorite recent products.

            • can be taken by itself, or even better…
            • taken with the Social CBD Drops, which I do after breakfast for a more balanced and greater effect on your ECS (endocannabinoid system)
      social naturals cbg drops reviews

        social naturals cbg drops reviews

      The Social CBD Vape Pens actually work the quickest.

            • after just 1-2 buffs at 3 seconds each, depending on your CBD tolerance
            • usually within 5-10 minutes, you’ll feel an effect
            • relaxed, focused, or revived are the choices of added essential oils to the CBD pens
      social cbd pen spearmint reviews 2020

        social cbd pen spearmint reviews 2020

      Social CBD Capsules are one of the easier ways to take CBD w/ essential herbs.

            • the Boost Social CBD Capsules worked to give me a little energy when taken after lunch
            • the Rest Social CBD Capsules I had one after dinner, which helped me relax before bed
            • every capsule comes w/ 33.3 mg of CBD oil and other good quality herbs


      These Social CBD Gummies are actually a very popular seller.

            • I tried the Lemon, Peach Mango (my favorite tasting), and Raspberry
            • they all tasted good, except for me there’s are a little sugar and other ingredients I’d prefer not to have long-term myself
      social cbd gummies lemon review

        social cbd gummies lemon review

Thanks for checking out our Social CBD Drops Review for Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.

Please leave us your review and feedback below if you’ve tried these Social CBD Oil Drops.

Photos: Social CBD Drops Review

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  1. Mike Messmore

    I tested 2 Social CBD Drops, which both worked good to help ease some of my ADHD symptoms during the day. I tried Meyers Lemon CBD Drops and Unflavored CBD Drops from SocialCBD.com, which is based out of Portland, Oregon. Both bottles I got were 1,500 mg each of broad-spectrum CBD oil from hemp plants.

    + PROS: helped ease my ADHD during the day meyer lemon flavor tasted good 1,500 mg bottle is a lot of CBD oil I only needed 25mg per serving twice a day
    - CONS: a little costly, except it lasted over 60 days for me can take up to 2 weeks with a consistent dosage daily to feel effects to work best
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    Social CBD Drops Review
    Social CBD Drops Review

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