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Is SearchMetrics Reliable, Legit & Worth It?

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SearchMetrics provides some advanced tools for SEO and keyword research as well as site and search comparisons. With their suite of tools, you can find out what the competition is doing as well as monitor your search campaigns and invest into the keywords that work for your industry. They have taken all of the guesswork out of manually keeping up with search campaigns and inconclusive results because of a lack of data. With SearchMetrics you can get a much better idea of how your site is doing compared to the competition and understand if your SEO visibility and rankings are where you want them. With their training and certification courses, you can better understand the software and make it work for you. After completing this training, you can be more effective with your search campaigns and in turn increase your ROI, sales or whichever measure you use in your business.

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PROS for SearchMetrics Reviews 2020
SearchMetrics has been making the mystery of SEO and keyword research into usable data and statistics that businesses can use since 2001.  The idea behind the founder, Marcus Tober, was to automate every aspect of the SEO research and keyword research.  This was done so companies could use the data to plan their marketing, and be more effective with their targeting.  SearchMetrics takes the aches and pains out of manually doing all the work yourself and allows you to focus on your business’s core strengths.  They have an enormous database of companies and search terms to help you compare and understand how you rank compared to competition.  If you want to do research in your industry SearchMetrics allows unlimited queries which is a huge plus.  When you get your search results, the paid and organic searches are conveniently combined into an easy-to-read report.  SearchMetrics also provides training and certifications at 3 different levels to help you understand the software and apply it to your online marketing plan.

  • Best SEO Software 2020, 2013: European Search Awards
  • Best SEO Software Suite 2020: SEMY Awards & European Search Awards, 2020 UK Search Awards
  • Best SEO Software 2014: US Search Awards
  • Large Data Store of Companies and Search Queries to Compare
  • Unlimited Research on Sites and Searches
  • Paid & Organic Search Combined into Easy-to-Read Report
  • Discover Keywords and Reveal SEO Visibility of You and Competition
  • Training and Certification Sources Offered to Learn Software
  • Free Demos of the Software to Prove the Value

CONS for SearchMetrics Reviews 2020
There were a few suggestions that I thought would make SearchMetrics a better service.  For starters, they only offer 2 tiers of service, Essentials & Full Suite.  If you need a middle tier product, this becomes a problem.  The Essentials only provides the basic data, while the Full Suite provides everything.  If they offered a middle tier option that gave some advanced tools, but not all, then a lot more companies would sign up for their service.  Also, it’s worth being aware that some contracts have a 30 day opt-out period.  If you forget to opt out, you can be stuck with a potential 1 year contract.  Lastly mobile tracking is NOT included in the price of the monthly fees and is considered an additional cost.  With mobile traffic outweighing desktop traffic more and more, this should really just be included in the total monthly cost.  I would recommend that SearchMetrics change this practice as it will likely turn away some prospective businesses.

  • No Medium Tier of Service (Only Essentials & Full Suite Versions)
  • Stuck with a 1 Year Contract if You don’t Opt Out
  • Mobile Tracking is NOT Included in Price; Additional Cost

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