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When you visit the USADAWGS website, you will be greeted by shoe categories that are made available for men, women and children already. The footwear products that are made by the company have all been designed with comfort and usefulness in mind. You will find that the materials that they use are of the best quality only and ensure that people will not feel any discomfort when wearing them. You can also take advantage of free shipping within the USA and the company is now also shipping internationally as well.

  • Shipping Internationally
  • Large Selection Of Shoes
  • Free Shipping In USA With No Minimum
  • 30 Day Guarantee

A negative aspect that will be mentioned in this USADAWGS review is that the company does not offer returns or exchanges for their closeout products. This means that if you find that the item you bought out of a final sale does not match what you are looking for, then there is no way that you can ask for a refund or exchange with them most of the time. That is why it is important for people to research and make sure that the items they purchase via are what they really want. This is because they may not be able to request a refund afterwards if they are unhappy.

9.8 Total Score

With these things mentioned in the USADAWGS review, we can say that the website is indeed one of the more unique providers of a distinct type of footwear that is gaining in popularity nowadays. People within the USA can take advantage of their free shipping services without any minimum order amount required. Aside from that, people wishing to purchase from Canada take go to their own website and place orders there. International orders are also accepted nowadays as the website provides to these people already.

9.8Expert Score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
10 Guarantee
10 Prices
8 Hidden Fees
10 Shipping Cost
10 Shipping Delivery
10 Help & Support
9User's score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
10 Guarantee
10 Prices
10 Hidden Fees
10 Shipping Cost
10 Shipping Delivery
10 Help & Support
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  1. 4.5
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    100 Guarantee
    100 Prices
    100 Hidden Fees
    100 Shipping Cost
    100 Shipping Delivery
    100 Help & Support

    DAWGS has quit production of the safest sandal they offered – PREMIUM Z’s. I don’t understand why. The aging population of ladies in the US need a safe rubber soled sandal and don’t mind paying for it. Bad move on the part of DAWGS, or that’s how I see it. And Carrie, NO. Dawgs are made in China. However, the Premiums are – or were – of very good quality.

    + PROS: The safest shoe are the Premiums which they no longer offer unless you can find some very large or very small sizes left in stock.
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  2. Are they made in the USA?


  4. NO. China but the Permiums are – or were – of a very good quality. They only make the cheaper ones now. Bad idea.

  5. I have been plagued with emails from this company for two weeks. I wear leather work boots. leather camp shoes, leather dress shoes and leather sandals. I would never wear plastic footwear of any kind. But USA Dawgs sends me emails every day advertising their plastic footwear. I never signed up for their emails; they are sending them to a 35 year old email address which I no longer use (I have that old address sent to my spam basket.) Since I am responsible for several non-profits programs it is important for me to check my spam basket for new people contacting me, which occurs daily. The began this advertising campaign before their ‘unsubscribe’ function was working. I recommend not buying from USA Dawgs.

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