Spartan Race Reviews 2020

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Is Spartan Race Hard, Dangerous or Worth It?

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Overall Spartan Race is pretty exciting concept and event. With sponsors like Reebok, TomTom, Marriott Rewards, Panasonic, CLIF, and Coors Light, you know that these races are the real deal. On top of that, you can also get a hold of some pretty cool gear on race day. There are Spartan Races all over the United States and now in over a dozen countries around the world. They have truly become an international race that challenges even the best, fastest and strongest athletes. It’s very easy to sign up, and there are several resources on their website to help keep you informed and prepare you for your Spartan Race.

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PROS for Spartan Race Reviews 2020
The Spartan Race was created to add more challenging features than just a regular 5K, 10K or half marathon.  With the Spartan Race, there are also obstacles placed throughout the course to challenge the participants even more.  Some people have called it a true test of will and determination.  Spartan Races are available nationwide and they have a schedule on their website with this information.  The Race has become so popular that it has not become an NBC Sports series, media channel, and a digital magazine.  Spartan Race also features some awesome guides that include Spartan workouts, Spartan diets, training programs, and much more.

  • Spartan Race Challenges Even the Strongest of Athletes
  • Spartan Races are Available Nationwide
  • Now an NBC Sports Series, Media Channel and Digital Magazine
  • Helpful Online Guides for Spartan Training, Workouts, Diets and More
  • Purchase Spartan Gear and Spartan Race Gear for Participants

CONS for Spartan Race Reviews 2020
There were a few things about the Spartan Race that I didn’t like.  First of all, it’s really hard to complete, but it’s not impossible.  With the proper training and exercise plan as well as healthy foods, it can be done. One thing I found is that it is virtually impossible to return merchandise purchased at races.  This is quite a big deal, especially if it was something as simple as exchanging for a different size.  The other thing to take note of is that the Spartan Race are scheduled for certain dates around the country.  This means that if the date doesn’t work, you may end up traveling to race on a date that does.

  • No Returns on Merchandise Purchase at Races
  • Spartan Races Limited to Scheduled Dates only

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