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Overall, Stance and their product found at is legit. They have created visually appealing and trendy socks; all while incorporating technological advances to ensure maximum comfort. The quality of their products is second to none, and they have several different styles and designs to choose from. With their endorsement through the NBA, Stance has really put itself on the map, launching it the mainstream. This means that they will only have more to offer down the road, as they continue to grow and expand their product lines. With free shipping on orders over $50, you can buy a few of their products and get them shipped to you free.

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PROS for Reviews
Stance is a previously unknown brand that has revolutionized the sock and underwear portion of the apparel industry. Stance is mostly known for it’s artistic and uncommon designs, as well as technological innovations in an industry that they felt was overlooked. From their start in 2009, Stance has now become the official sock of the NBA starting in the 2020/16 season and onward. This shows that they provide a high-quality product, and have experienced an incredible growth. From this growth they have made investments to add underwear to their clothing lines, alongside their already popular socks.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (New & Unused)
  • Free Shipping (Orders Over $50)
  • Innovative and Comfortable
  • Artistic Designs
  • Made from High Quality, Durable Materials

CONS for Reviews
The only drawbacks at the time of this review had to do with shipping. There are small shipping fees for orders under $50. There is also no international shipping, which is a letdown for those fans of that live outside of the U.S. They also charge the customer for the cost of return shipping, which is usually a few dollars. This is fairly standard in the clothing industry, unless it is an extremely large company. As they continue to grow and expand, I could see Stance doing away with the return shipping fees eventually, and covering the cost for the customer.

  • Return Shipping Fees
  • Shipping Fees (Orders Under $50)
  • No International Shipping

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