Udemy Reviews 2020

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Is Udemy Legit, Good & Free?

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Udemy provides a huge offering of classes to learn virtually anything on your schedule. With over 40,000 course offerings, you are sure to find a course that suits you. If you are unsure about Udemy and if they are legit, then look at the 11,000,000+ students that have already taken courses. Udemy doesn’t stop with just offering classes in English. Their course offerings include courses in over 80 languages, making them a truly global marketplace for learning. Udemy has had over 50,000,000 course enrollments through the years, which means that they are one of the most trusted places to learn online.

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PROS for Udemy Reviews 2020
Udemy is a marketplace for learning, allowing anybody to learn anything. They have over 40,000 courses and counting to choose from. Each course is taught by a certified instructor so you know that the material you are learning is current and relevant. With the online course option, you can learn at your own pace and when it fits your schedule. Udemy courses cover any subject that you could think of and many that you may have never considered. They have a 30 day money back guarantee on all courses. The best thing about the Udemy is that you have lifetime access to materials of each course that you purchase.

  • Lifetime Access to Materials for All Courses
  • Learn Anything through Online Courses
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Reduced Priced on Business Course Packages
  • 50,000,000+ Course Enrollments with 11,000,000+ Students in 80+ Languages

CONS for Udemy Reviews 2020
There are some minor drawbacks to Udemy that you should consider before taking a course. For some people the instructor’s teaching style may not fit the way that you learn. It’s hard to know how the instructors are going to present the material without already taking the class. Some classes might be really hard for some students based on the content being presented and the tools used. Both of these things can be avoided or lessened by reading reviews about the courses on Udemy to see what former students had to say. I found this very helpful in figuring out which courses to take.

  • Learning Can Be Difficult for Some Courses
  • Not All Instructors Have the Same Teaching Style

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