ZipCar Reviews 2020

Save $25 off ZipCar
ZipCar Reviews 2020
ZipCar Reviews 2020
Save $25 off ZipCar

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Overall, there’s no question that is a fantastic service whose time has come. The website offers all of the convenience and freedom of having a car at your disposal anytime that you need one, but without the costs, responsibilities and hassles that are also usually associated with car ownership. Since it also cuts down on the number of unused vehicles sitting in vast parking lots, the service is also beneficial to the planet in the long run. This review would happily recommend the car sharing program to anyone looking for a way to maintain their independence, save some serious cash and respect the environment, all at the same time.

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This review will take an in-depth look at the website’s positive and negative attributes, as well as offer an overall impression of the company’s service. is a revolutionary car rental site that allows urbanites and college students the chance to rent late model vehicles by the hour, rather than being forced to pay for an entire day that isn’t needed.  With this car sharing program, members pick up their car at a designated location, use it for only as long as they actually need to, and then return it to the same spot for the next person, gassed up and ready to go. 

The most positive thing that the ZipCar reviews would like to point out is that the site has finally relieved consumers of the burden that comes from being forced to pay the high daily rental cost for a vehicle that you’ll only be using for a couple of hours. Another benefit is that all of the gas and insurance costs are built into the hourly charge of the rental, eliminating the hassle of paperwork and exorbitant fees for returning a car without a full tank of gas. Members can usually choose from a variety of modern cars too, including sedans, hybrids and even vans in select locations.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 30 Day Trial
  • Access Cars 24/7
  • Corporate Deals Available

The only negative thing worth mentioning in the ZipCar reviews is that renters are required to pay either an annual or a monthly membership fee in order to use the service, regardless of whether or not they actually do. It’s a small charge and would really only be mildly frustrating to those who aren’t planning to rent a vehicle at least once a month, but for anyone who uses the program a lot, this will likely be a non-issue. The nominal fee is especially easy to forgive when you consider the money you’ll save by not owning a car or by not having to pay a daily rate for a car rental at

  • Must be 21 years or older (18-20 if affiliated with a college)
  • If have non-US license, submit a “declaration form”
  • Takes 3-7 days to receive a Zipcard in the mail
  • Reserve for as little as one hour and max of 7 days at a time

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  1. Zip Car Philly is terrible – poor customer support – people promised different things – management not responsive (filed a concern weeks ago) – save yourself a headache look for a different car share

  2. I used them a couple of years ago and I liked them. I used them again recently and with my first 8 interactions, 6 of them were terrible. Key was missing, car was trashed, car wasn’t there, no customer service, Zipcar was down, customer service was rude, I cannot believe how much I put up with!!!

    It’s sad, they really were handy back in the day, but I’m never ever using them again.

    I posted on their Facebook wall about what happened and they asked me to private message them. I did. It’s been a week and they’ve simply ignored the message. Their customer service is trash!

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