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Summary is an impressive website due to its massive selection of health and beauty care products. For international shoppers and those reading the Reviews, it’s a great opportunity to try the UK brands, which may be harder to find on other beauty care websites. For any shipping questions, be sure to fire off a message to customer service, as they do need to work on that part of their FAQ on the site. The Select A Brand listing search makes it super easy to find favored brands or ones that we’ve always been hoping to try. There’s plenty of sales and discounted prices, to entice the shopper to give new product lines a try. Overall, the relies on a simple website design, that doesn’t cause any delays in product load times that can cause frustration on other websites. When shopping, all one wants to see are the products, and nothing else. Product images can be magnified, and are sharp, clear, and in focus. Product descriptions are detailed, and list all ingredients in each product.

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Pros: Beauty Expert Review

The website is easy to navigate, and you can quickly find the products you’re searching for.

The “search” function actually works, by entering in desired keywords. Product descriptions load quickly, without time lag.

If you’re particular to certain brands, you’ll favor the “Select A Brand” drop down list, enabling you to quickly have a shortcut to your favorite health care products.

A BeautyExpert review isn’t complete without mentioning that they stock hundreds of brands, from common ones to more hard-to-find lines.

Their home page shows a banner listing their latest holiday specials, sale items, and underneath, is a listing of products that are currently available for discount. truly is a one-stop shopping experience, for all personal and beauty care products for men, women, and children.

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Cons: Beauty Expert Review

When doing a Beauty Expert review, the first thought popping into my head was how much the shipping charges were.

I searched all through the website, and couldn’t find even basic shipping estimates. ships to countries outside the UK, so shipping charges are a concern.

While higher shipping fees are to be expected when shopping internationally, shoppers may be puzzled about how much shipping charges are to the USA or Canada, when most shopping sites do list international shipping approximations.

If such details are on the website, they’re difficult to find.

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  1. this website is a fraud stay away from them i ordered one thing and they sent me something else and won’t give me the correct product plus the bottle was opened before it arrived

  2. I doubt seriously if I ever order from here again. The package finally arrived in a box that had been tampered with and extremely late on actual delivery. Bad for continued business

  3. Wow. You buy from a different country, don’t bother to make sure you can use it in yours and then blame that on the company? That is, ahem, rather special….

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    This review is not really for this product but more so for the customer service at Beauty Expert. I placed an order on 1/25/17 for a shaver. It was for my Husband’s birthday that was over 2 weeks after the purchase date. I figured this was plenty of time to receive a package but boy was I wrong! The package arrived 3 weeks later and the most upsetting part was that I knew the package wasn’t going to arrive on time AFTER I placed my order and customer service did absolutely nothing to help me. They said the package hadn’t left the warehouse yet but they couldn’t stop it. I tried calling the company and couldn’t get through and so, I had to resort to “chatting” with them online. It was awful! I wanted to pull my hair out the entire time because the person I was chatting with gave me the most vague responses. My 3 year old gives better responses then whoever is running the chat. It was almost impossible to get a straight answer out of them.

    To top off the whole situation the package came from Amsterdam and not the UK as it was listed on the website. I’m waiting to hear back from the company on what I’m supposed to do with a $282 shaver that doesn’t plug into my wall because the plug is actually for Amsterdam. Based on their awful lack of assistance in helping cancel my order (when it hadn’t shipped) I’m guessing they will be useless.


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  5. Fraudulent Company !!! STAY AWAY !!

    I ordered a product from them { Hair Dryer } After I made the purchase not realizing they were in the UK, I started to read reviews and sure enough they sell and ship products to the US with no warning that their products do not plug in to wall sockets in the US. They even admit after it’s too late that they don’t guarantee it will work even with an adapter !
    I tried to stop the order a few hours later on same day and they said it was too late because it was in shipping which was also a lie. It shipped out today 4 days later. When I ordered it they had an option for $7.95 or so for expedited shipping 4-6 days. Also a complete lie. STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES IF YOU ARE IN THE US !! They refused to cancel my order so this is just the beginning !!

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