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Overall, Maykool is a legit company, but when it comes to reliability it becomes more questionable. There are several reviews and negative feedback about clothes not being delivered on time, or not at all. Customers have also complained about the lack of customer service and the cost of returning an item. There is also some questions about quality. Based on what you are paying for your clothing at, you can’t expect the highest luxury quality. That being said, it can be a good place to get some inexpensive clothes that you either only wear once, or they tend to wear out often.

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Pros: Maykool Review is an online, China-based, women’s clothing retail and wholesale store.

They offer a wide variety of clothing from casual wear to pajamas to accessories.

They offer fashionable clothes at reasonably affordable prices.

They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case the items you ordered do not fit.

They also offer free shipping on orders over $89, as well as shipping internationally.

They are able to pass the savings on to the consumer by cutting out the middle man and ordering directly from the manufacturer.

    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Free Shipping Orders Over $89
    • International Shipping
    • Track All Orders
    • Safe & Secure Checkout
    • Track All Orders

Cons: Maykool Review

There are two things that stand out as drawbacks from researching Maykool.

Firstly, their shipping times are incredibly long, as everything is shipped from China.

If you are not in a hurry to get your items, then this is not a huge issue.

They also have shipping fees if you don’t spend $89 on your order.

The other thing that is worth mentioning is that return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

This means that if you have to ship back to China, it’s going to be quite expensive, possibly more than the order itself.

    • Return Shipping Fees
    • Long Shipping Times 7-20 Days (Excludes Processing Time)

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