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The is truly a unique place being that they provide their clients with online training courses and materials to help them learn how to drive. This is especially true since there have been many teenagers who have undergone the classes here and have passed their driver's license test already. This proves that the website is legit and reliable when it comes to these services similar to what the reviews have stated.

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Pros: Review

DriversEd provides its clients with online teen drivers education courses that allow them to sit in their car and begin their training right away. According to many reviews, the classes are fun and interactive, allowing people to enjoy their training while they learn. They will provide people with case studies and videos for them to better understand the lessons. The convenient driver’s training program that they offer will also reward those that have accomplished it with legal certificates of completion to allow them to move on to the next step in getting their license.

  • Online Teen Drivers Education
  • Fun & Interactive Lessons Accessible Online
  • Videos and Case Studies Provided
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Excellent 24/7 Customer Support
  • Convenient Education Services

Cons: Review

Seeing that the courses you will be taking here are provided to you online, this means that you will have to learn and train the things that you need alone. There will be no driving instructor provided for you, which is still very important since they can always pass on to you their experience in driving for many years. You may have noticed this mentioned in the reviews already.

  • No Physical Instructor

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1 Comment
  1. Seems that after 22 years this company is crumbling down…

    I regret so much that I didn’t check all of this before putting my money into this company….STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY and do a favor to the rest of the people and give your review in any place you can to make people think twice before trusting this SCAM.

    Also I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles have a consideration on all reviews in order to take this company out of their approved listing of course providers….as I choose this company from the site and thus made me believe this was a trustable company.

    In detail:
    Made the 4 Hour Florida Drug & Alcohol Online Course. Passed successfully.
    Also made the mistake to pay for the “instant” proof of completion. Another $10.

    5 working days after and they have not sent by email the “instant” proof and WORSE they have not sent to the DMV the info of the completion of the course, so i’m stuck, no chance to have my first time FL license because of them.

    I have done already 6 calls and 7 chats to a Live Support located in a place far away. They keep apologizing for “technical details” and saying that within the day everything will be solved….but as you may wonder nothing has happened….Keep seeing in the Dashboard the message “Please login to your dashboard after FEW MINUTES and download your proof of completion”

    Now starting to get into legal action for compensatory damages, as well as the claim on the banks and will start to spread out the word on the internet about this SCAM.

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