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About Reviews 2020 – Is a Reliable Source? is a learning site that any and every parent should find the time to review. This site gives you access to over 15,000 worksheets that will help reinforce your child’s learning and also boost their confidence in their abilities. There are printable workbooks and fun activity books you can download in whatever subject your child needs help on as well as a ton of great articles that relate to your child’s education and learning needs. In addition to coloring pages and printable board games, parents will find a complete listing of schools and testing facilities located in their area.

Best Thing about Reviews 2020 is broken down in a really easy to navigate site. The worksheets section is broken down by grade (age) and then further by the subject you are looking for (math, reading, science, etc). There are tons of activities (arts and crafts, games and puzzles, as well as science experiments – just to name a few). There is a “Science Fair” section that gives your child great science project ideas grouped together by age/grade.

Drawback about Reviews 2020

The negative I found on is that when you click on certain parts of the site (for instance, I was curious to read the article “How to Teach Your Preschooler to Write”) you may be directed to view an outside advertisement before you get to the info that you were looking for. The ad plays for only a matter of seconds and you do have the option to skip the ad after a short time, however, it is still irritating. The upside is that these ads are what keeps all of the features on free for us to use. So, if enduring a short ad is all it takes to keep receiving those savings, then it is well worth it in my book!

In Summary of Reviews 2020 is packed full of activities that will not only teach your child and help further their education but are also incredibly fun too! There is a new “games” section that gives you access to over 300 games that can be played on an iPad, desktop or laptop. All games are kid-safe with no ads or pop-ups. Games are broken down by Preschool, Kindergarten or First Grade Levels and further by whether or not they are math or reading games. Every game is fun for your child but they have the added benefit of teaching them as well. It’s hard to find a safe and fun place for your child to play on the internet, so finding a site like is a real positive for parents and one they should most definitely review.

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  1. I have a multi-age classroom in Special Education and really loved using as a supplemental resource. It was perfect for me- reinforcing skills that I was teaching online during Zoom class.

  2. Beware. is a scam. Please do NOT subscribe to them. I regret that I did not read the Better Business and other reviews about them prior to purchasing. There have been countless other educators who have experienced the same exact issues as I have.
    I was a member and when I wanted to cancel the subscription after a few months. Well, there was not even a phone number for customer service. You had to email your request. They would not cancel this auto-renewing subscription when I emailed repeatedly over and over again. Not only that, I can’t even download anything and yet they they continue to charge me $15.99 a month. I have been scammed by them for almost a year now. Yes – that is almost $200 I have paid for absolutely nothing. Now I am at the point where my credit card I’ve had for over a decade refused to honor my request to remove these charges when I explained to them the situation. They sent me a letter that the company says this charge is valid when it is definitely not.Now I have been left to resorting to canceling my credit card because of this scam artist company! Please don’t make my mistake. It is shocking that they do this to unsuspecting consumers in the guise of “education”.

  3. They need to work on their search feature. There is no way PRESCHOOLERS are doing the math or the Thanksgiving Sight Words (which are not sight words, example: the student is to write down their menu selection from the list Turkey, Macaroni, Squash, Cranberries, Pumpkin, Burger, French Fries ) at their skill level for what is presented. It is so frustrating. I paid well over over $100 for this to have worksheets and supports our kids can use at the age they are now based on what the wall said was available. Now when I go to see what is available, many things are not age appropriate. IMHO the age group listed for worksheets and handouts is bloated.

  4. is a website that steals your credit card information post a purchase of membership.

  5. The basic free version only allows a very limited number of items per month, probably less than 10.

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