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Summary is widely considered to be a reputable online ticket broker that both buyers and sellers can feel confident using.

The company’s extensive experience in dealing with tickets to all sorts of shows and sporting events serves their current clients well and ensures that the majority of transactions through their site are easy and free of any hassles.

For tickets that are hard-to-find or even for sold-out events, the Front Row Tickets is a legit and safe ticket site that you can count on every time. As the name implies, your dream may be to sit on the ‘front row’ watching your favorite artist or team!

7.6Expert Score
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About: is an online ticket broker where you can buy and sell premium tickets to sporting and performance events.

Everyone wins! The site has been in operation since 2002, but the company has over 25 years of experience in phone-based ticket sales.

They are considered one of the best resources for tickets to sold-out shows and sporting events all over the world. is trusted by sellers to provide a smooth transaction and a timely and accurate payment.

With tickets for everything from comedy shows to sporting events to the most popular concerts, it’s safe to say that offers something for virtually everyone.

Is a Legit, Reliable and Safe Site?

Pros: Front Row Tickets Reviews is extremely easy to navigate through.

All the top events are posted clearly and if you want to attend something in an area where you may live in or plan to visit, just put in the zip code.

The interactive seating charts are a great tool so that you can find tickets in the area that you would enjoy sitting.

Your purchase through is always guaranteed, with the company assuring that the tickets bought through their sellers are authentic and shipped in plenty of time for the event. has great customer service to order tickets or for any help needed.

Meanwhile, their Order Tracker feature makes it very easy for both the buyer and the seller to keep an eye on the status of their transaction.

If you have tickets to sell, only charges a 10% commission fee of your selling price and exposure will be to over 400+ websites.

Cons: Front Row Tickets Reviews

The lack of a mobile app for the site means that Front Row Tickets can be a little less convenient to use on a smartphone than some of the other online ticket brokers.

Also, their service fees can really start to add up on high-demand shows and playoff games, even to the point of being a deterrent to a purchase, unless you really want to go no matter what.

Most ticket broker companies do charge high fees so just be aware of that.

It rarely happens, but if an event is cancelled will issue a refund but not for shipping charges.

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  1. 4.75
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    100 Guarantee
    100 Prices
    80 Hidden Fees
    80 Shipping Cost
    100 Shipping Delivery
    100 Help & Support

    hooked me up with pit seats to guns and roses, had better prices than ticketmaster at the time i was looking. tickets were in my email a few minutes after ordering so super fast delivery.

    + PROS: Fast delivery, great seats, crazy easy
    - CONS: no problems at all.
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