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8.3 Total Score
Novica Review Summary

Overall, was founded in 1999 and is a legit website with over 20 years of experience helping artisans sell over $100 million in creations, like jewelry, fashion clothing, paintings, and more with over 49,716 products live on their marketplace.

Novica currently has an A rating with the (Better Business Bureau), although it's not a BBB accredited with them, and has just 2 complaints in the last 12 months.

There are some negative Novica reviews as shown below from customers to be aware of.

Most Positive Novica Reviews liked:

> unique gift items with express gift shipping arrive 2-4 business days

> shipments are with UPS, DHL or FedEx, and tracking is available

> returns and exchanges within 60 days (items must be in "original condition")

> save up to 40% on sale outlet items with


Most Negative Novica Reviews said:

> orders take 2-3 weeks for delivery to over 100 countries worldwide

> a prepaid return label is only provided if Novica made a mistakes

> refund process is within 7 business days after the item is returned

> some items are not currently in stock

8.3Expert Score
Is Novica Legit & Safe?
Is Novica Reliable?
Novica 100% Guarantee
Novica Prices
Novica Hidden Fees
Novica Shipping Cost
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6.2User's score
Is Novica Legit & Safe?
Is Novica Reliable?
Novica 100% Guarantee
Novica Prices
Novica Hidden Fees
Novica Shipping Cost
Novica Shipping Delivery
Novica Help & Support
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Pros: Novica Reviews

Among the things that really stands out when purchasing at is their authenticity.

Novica is a legit website that has sold over $100 million in products worldwide since they started in 1999.

is novica legit and good reputable company

Is Novica a legit and reputable company?

This online store has partnered with National Geographic in order to provide consumers with fashionable clothing, paintings and other genuine products that were made carefully and stylistically made by hand.

This means that they aren’t made in a factory somewhere else where people are living in atrocious conditions.

novica review jewelry good artisans

Novica Reviews Jewelry by Artisans

Nor were the makers forced to perform the act of creating handmade goods.

They were made with happiness, love and care for people who will be using it after purchase.

is novica legit safe secure website

Is Novica legit, safe, and secure to buy from today?

Cons: Novica Reviews

If you are returning goods that has not been the result of an error on the part of, then you will be responsible for paying everything from taxes to shipping cost.

A reliable international carrier will also be required from the person when they send their return items with tracking and such.

The company also recommends that you insure the package as the person sending it will be the one to ensure that everything arrives in their original condition.

how do I return an item for

How do I return an item for

As stated in this review, failing to do so will not guarantee a refund from them.

    • Strict return policy
    • Returns are free only it Novica made an error on your order
    • Shipping can take up to 4 weeks to arrive
novica jewelry reviews 2020

Novica Jewelry Reviews 2020

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About Novica Website

If you are into handmade products from all over the world, then you are going to enjoy reading this review.

The website is a website that sells goods made by craftsmen to customers at a lower price than normal, but more than enough than what the sources would usually obtain.

They are able to do this by purchasing directly from the source and cutting out any unnecessary middle-men.

Goods that you can buy here include gemstone earrings, Balinese t-shirts for men, traditional area rugs, animal paintings and many more.

Please leave your Novica Review below and let us know:

  • How’s Novica jewelry and fashion selection, prices, shipping, etc.?
  • How are Novica services for sellers and are they worth it?
  • Is Novica a reliable source to buy jewelry from?
  • How’s Novica’s customer service?
  • Is Novica legit and safe website today?

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  1. 3.75
    Is Novica Legit & Safe?
    Is Novica Reliable?
    Novica 100% Guarantee
    Novica Prices
    Novica Hidden Fees
    Novica Shipping Cost
    Novica Shipping Delivery
    Novica Help & Support

    Bought Jewelry from them for years, always has come on time, and awesome quality. It’s legit, and a good place to find pieces you can’t elsewhere.

    + PROS: Quality, on time delivery
    - CONS: Never know if it will be exactly like pic on website, but so far ao good
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  2. 4.85
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    100 Guarantee
    100 Prices
    100 Hidden Fees
    100 Shipping Cost
    90 Shipping Delivery
    90 Help & Support

    An absolutely fabulous company. Everything I ordered was carefully packaged and more beautiful in person than on the website. There are artisans from the countries my family is from, El Salvador and Mexico, and I always try to support them (not that it’s ever a question, the work is beautiful). I’ve also been raised to be very suspicious of charity organizations but NOVICA has given me no reason at all to believe these artisans are not being supported to the fullest extent.

    + PROS: Products are more beautiful in person. The pictures do them no justice. Everything is of the highest quality. Flutes are beautifully made and sound perfect, clothes are sturdy and hold their color, paintings are vibrant. They always have regional sales! While I'm not entirely sure how that affects the artisan, or if the artisan themselves offer a sale price, but as a consumer it's great for my wallet! You just FEEL good buying their products. Not only do you get something you'll definitely love, but you're helping the people who make it as their living.
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