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Is PublicData Legit & Reliable?

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Knowing that the is indeed an A+ BBB rated business for their PublicData review, we can say that they are truly a legit and reliable place to access public records nowadays. People that need to get their hands on public records can do so easily by going to the website. You can also expect their services to be quite affordable as well for what they offer.

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Pros: PublicData Review

The website PublicData has an A+ rating under the Better Business Bureau according to their PublicData review.

The BBB states that the company is a legit and reliable website to access all public records of individuals.

They believe that everyone should have the right to access these records that the government collects about them.

Their services are very affordable as well and you can start browsing records of individuals without having to pay much in return.

Take note that when you browse, you are accessing data that is being updated in real-time as well.

  • A+ BBB Rated Business
  • #1 Resource for Public Records
  • Provides Records Access to Anyone
  • Affordable Real-Time Access Service

Cons: PublicData Review

The only negative factor that the has right now is that their search features did not have a lot of criteria before.

People sometimes did not get the information they wanted because they were only limited to a few options in their searches.

But now, it seems that the company has already upgraded this search feature according to a review.

  • Search Feature Needs Upgrade

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  1. Terrible, worthless search site. Does not provide the kind of people and background searches that you would want or expect. Better to use an unlimited background search site for a month and cancel before you incur further charges. Stay away.

  2. goes to show how useless the BBB is, they have an A+ rating? what a joke, it’s nothing but an internet scam.

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