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Is SeatWave Legit, Safe and Reliable Site Today?

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At the very point of these SeatWave reviews, SeatWave and its international sister sites use to provide an excellent service for buying and selling tickets to over 900,000 live events. keeps with a recent trend of online services which directly connects shoppers and sellers, cutting out the middle-man of traditional retailers such as ticket agencies and their associated fees. The list of events for which users can purchase and sell tickets on SeatWave is exhaustive but well worth it for both parties. The customer service they provide is there to help in any way possible to make your selling or buying experience a pleasant one. Thousands of satisfied customers have enjoyed the benefits of SeatWave and have wonderful memories from those events attended or from selling their tickets.

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Our Experience

We’ve tried SeatWave in the past and it was a legit website, but many SeatWave reviews from customers were saying otherwise that they were not always reliable.

Luckily, we discovered a reliable and safe ticket source

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SeatWave Reviews

seatwave reviews 2020 is seatwave legit reliable savings

Pros: SeatWave Review

When you first go into make sure you click the country you want to search for, found on the bottom of the home page.

Many of the larger and more popular events will already be featured directly on the index page.

The link bar at the top allows easy searching of events such as theater productions, sporting events, concerts, and comedy shows.

Each event is listed with a photograph that, when moused over, displays an option to either ‘Sell’ or ‘Sell tickets and ‘View Tickets’ or ‘Buy tickets.’

Event categories have their own sub-categories as well.

For example, when searching for concerts, one can sort by music genre.

After selecting an event, one can browse available tickets sorted by price and seating arrangements.

Putting your own tickets up for sale is straight-forward as well: you simply put in the ticket information, set your price, and the listing is made.

Buyers may find tickets cheaper than they thought or they may be more as it all depends on supply and demand.

SeatWave offers a mobile app, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Easy To Order
  • Europes #1 Ticket Exchange
  • Secure Checkout
  • Track Your Order

Cons: SeatWave Review sells tickets from individual sellers and this can sometimes pose problems.

Some sellers put their tickets up at the last minute if they are not able to use them, so they make every effort to ship them out immediately, as they want to recoup their money.

SeatWave will try and find the buyer replacement tickets if they have not received the ones ordered within two working days of the event.

If they are not able to do that, the buyer will be given a 100% refund.

The sellers do not receive their payment until the buyer has signed a receipt that they have indeed received the tickets.

The best way to buy tickets is at least two weeks in advance and that also allows the buyer planning time if reservations need to be made at a nice restaurant before or after the event or to possibly rent a limo. does not guarantee that the seats numbers are accurate as they must rely on the seller’s information given.

This very rarely happens but if it does SeatWave will charge the seller a fee.

  • Booking Fee

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