TicketNetwork Reviews 2019

Save $25 off TicketNetwork
TicketNetwork Reviews 2019
TicketNetwork Reviews 2019
Save $25 off TicketNetwork

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Overall, TicketNetwork is a good ticket marketplace on the internet, and are recognized nationally.

Combined with a huge online inventory, this is a great place to find tickets to top events—even at the very last minute.

With a professional team including live agents that buyers can call for up-to-the-minute information on any event, the customer service is top notch.

Put together with 100% money back guarantees, competitive prices and an emphasis on security; this is a good website to look for tickets.

Is TicketNetwork Legit & Safe?
Is TicketNetwork Reliable?
TicketNetwork Guarantee
TicketNetwork Hidden Fees
TicketNetwork Prices
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Is TicketNetwork Legit, Safe & Reliable Ticket Source?

Pros: TicketNetwork Reviews

TicketNetwork is a legit and safe company that aims to give complete consumer confidence when buying.

The company has been in business since 2002 and has over $5.5 billion worth of tickets.

They offer a 100% money back guarantee, which applies to the following:

    • Accepted order not delivered on time by the seller.
    • Buyer not allowed to attend an event due to an invalid ticket.

There is also a complimentary 100% money back guarantee that covers:

    • Canceled events that are not going to be rescheduled for a later date.

Top positives about TicketNetwork:

    • 100% Guarantee
    • Secure & Safe Checkout
    • On Time Delivery via FedEx
    • Over 7.5 Million Tickets

ticketnetwork reviews 2019 legit guarantee

Cons: TicketNetwork Reviews

One thing to know is they are a resale market and not a box office or venue.

With that said, they usually will have a service fee, which is usually hidden and it’s normally around 20-25% of the subtotal.

TicketNetwork also will charge you $7.95 for instant download.

TicketNetwork is not 100% reliable, as you can read from some TicketNetwork reviews and feedback from customers.

The most common mistake, and this is the same with most ticket resale sites, is you may not receive the exact tickets you ordered.

Instead, you may be getting equal or comparable tickets. I think it’s rare when this happens and you should be notified via email or phone.

What can happen is a ticket broker may put their inventory of tickets on several sites, so if the same tickets sell on two different sites at the same time then one of those buyers isn’t getting the exact tickets they ordered.

Top negatives about TicketNetwork:

    • Some Ticket Prices May Be Over Face Value
    • Service & Shipping Fees at Checkout

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  1. 3.6
    Is TicketNetwork Legit & Safe?
    Is TicketNetwork Reliable?
    TicketNetwork Guarantee
    TicketNetwork Hidden Fees
    TicketNetwork Prices
    TicketNetwork Shipping Cost
    TicketNetwork Shipping Delivery
    TicketNetwork Help & Support

    Got my friends and I tickets to see Fleetwood Mac! I am very excited to go! Never used ticketnetwork before. The ticket prices were well above face value, but I think this is a resale market site.

    - CONS: Fees and shipping cost
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  2. I am happy with my purchase through TicketNetwork so far. Received an email confirmation right away, and tickets should arrive within a few days.

  3. Going to be in Seattle Dec. 20th and I really want to see the Seahawks play. I somehow found TicketNetwork and that’s where I got a pair of tickets. They were not cheap, but other sites weren’t any cheaper either.

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