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As the nation’s largest direct integrated marketer of air conditioning and heating products, AC Wholesalers has an enormous catalog of products available for purchase through its website. Helpfully, AC Wholesalers uses a state of the art real time updating inventory system which checks its warehouse stock continuously and automatically updates the website. This means you’ll never order a product only to find out later that it is out of stock or discontinued. The ACWholesalers reviews states that each product description includes a mention of whether the product is in stock (and when it will ship), or whether it is unavailable or discontinued.

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Although keeps a wide range of products in stock and offers clear descriptions of them, when writing the ACWholesalers reviews, it is not hard to imagine a scenario when you order the incorrect product for your needs. According to the AC Wholesalers website, returns are only accepted for unused products. You must also complete a somewhat confusing process to request a return of an item you purchased, and clearance/overstock items cannot be returned. This is understandable, but could pose an issue if you fail to take notice of these policies.

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  1. shipped me a damaged ac unit that was hit by a fork lift, that was re boxed in a new box, stay as far away as you can from this so called company

  2. Always long hold times. They typically show everything “In Stock” until AFTER customers place an order. Then suddenly one or more items goes on backorder. Call and they’ll tell you that your items should go out later in the week (after the next truck delivery arrives) but they’ll make no effort to check that the backordered item is actually on the next truck nor that any parts coming in aren’t already promised to other customers. They backordered a California-spec furnace when I needed a 49-state furnace which delayed my order for weeks until I spotted their error. Then they sold me an A/C-only TXV for a heat pump system (incompatible) and the evaporator coil they set me up with is not approved by the mfr for use with the condenser ordered. They realized this when I asked to return the TXV. They didn’t offer to sell me the filter rack, filter-drier, duct board plenums, foil tape, or refrigerant lines I ended up needing to buy separately. Now, they want me to tear out the carefully-fitted cased coil, redo the flexduct and lines cut and brazed to fit, they can’t promise when they’ll ship the correct, different-size cased coil, AND they want me to pay a $200 summer price premium on the correct parts for my order from six weeks ago! Asked to make it right, they just said “sorry”. They want me to pay up front for the replacement parts BEFORE I see the RMA terms and they’ve promised THREE times to send me the RMA information I still don’t have yet.

  3. They typically advertise items in stock that they don´t have. They let you wait and wait. When you call to see where the order is they tell you the unit is damaged, back ordered or discontinued, and try to sell you a more expensive one. After that I cancelled the orders (for the unit and accessories), but they still charged my credit card for a partial shipment, several days after having cancelled in writing. After that they did not picked up my calls and left me on hold forever. Do yourself a favor and read business review pages before buying from this folks. Apparently, false advertising and unauthorized charges are not isolated cases.

  4. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. NOT EVEN A CABLE. Their complete lack of customer service starts once you’ve placed your order and they charge you immediately. They don’t want to help you receive piece of mind. They want your money and then for you to give up on contacting them. Absolutely most disgusting experience I’ve ever had dealing with a company. I work in a Service department of an international company and would NEVER treat anyone like they do with majority of their customers.

    If you, like my husband, didn’t read ALL the poor reviews on this dealer a head of time….well then you’ve made the first mistake.

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