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This website all started out in the year 1998 providing customers with fashion trends, excellent value and designers brands for the choosing. It is located in the very heart of the Fashion District where it truly belongs. The company is a known pioneer in providing top level designer brands and trends in fashion that customers can obtain in an online store that is simple and fun to navigate.

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Pros: Bluefly Reviews

When you visit the website the first time, majority of customers would be welcomed by their latest deals which would be displayed at the very center of their main page.

People can obtain sales that reach up to 80% off when there are various holidays and events going on such as during Memorial Day, Christmas, New Year’s and Independence Day.

Getting discounts is very easy for both men and women as they have the choice to click on a single link which will direct them to the discounted items available for them.

You will thank the Bluefly reviews later after you’ve made your first sales purchase from the website.

    • Product Return Guarantee
    • Checkouts Are Secure
    • Discounts Section
    • Track All Orders

Cons: Bluefly Reviews

But with all positive aspects mentioned in the Bluefly reviews, there are also negative things that can be said about this website although just minor.

It is about their products that are labeled ‘Final Sale’ which are non-returnable even for whatever reason.

Such items include those within the Clearance page and majority of the designer bags that are being sold in the website

Any customer who chooses to purchase something from the website will need to know this because expecting otherwise can be quite frustrating when it happens.

It is important to always make informed decisions.

    • Some Items Are Non-Returnable

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  1. After many years of success on Bluefly, I bought a pair of Prada boots a few years ago that were fake or seconds (gold logo glued on crookedly, quality shoddy). Returned them. Looked at shoes today after steering clear of Bluefly since then and saw Tod’s ladies pumps, but something looked odd – they weren’t Tod’s style at all, so I looked elsewhere on the internet and bluefly and amazon are the only places to find the style for sale on bluefly. They don’t show up anywhere on Tod’s website or any of the major department stores – not anything even remotely like them. I just don’t trust Bluefly with high end names anymore. They trashed their brand by selling fakes or seconds.

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    Nine days after placing my order (a little frustrating but no huge deal since I ordered in plenty of time for my event) I received a beautiful and (as best I can tell) authentic Aidan Mattox gown from Bluefly at an incredible price point (Yay!!). Unfortunately the dress was too small. It was the largest size they had in stock, so I kept it for a week while I daydreamed about going on a crash diet. After a week I accepted the reality that the dress was not going to get magically larger nor was I going to get magically smaller. The return policy on the dress was 14 days, so I tried calling customer service several times over the following next 5 days to initiate a return. 1st sign of trouble – their customer service hours are seriously restricted… so restricted than a normal person would have to take off work in the middle of the day to contact them. Anyhow, stayed home from work this morning so I could get in touch with them, and did speak with a rep after a 15 minutes hold (2nd sign of trouble?). Now for the 3rd and final strike… their 14 day return policy starts on the day you place the order. I am outraged. The rep was totally unwilling to allow for the nine days it took them to get the dress to me. I would (and did) assume that any return policy timeframe begins once you have an item in your possession, especially if the shipping proytakes as long as Bluefly did!!!!! Now I have a gorgeous dress that I can’t wear and I still have to fork out more cash for another dress. One thing is for certain… I won’t be handing that cash to Bluefly. I fully believe that of you intend to run an online shop, you have to have better and more reasonable customer service. At any rate, there is my tale of caution regarding my first and last experience with Bluefly.

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  3. It is interesting that Bluefly will not accept my comments. Another reason I know it is a scam.

  4. Am so disappointed with this company. I have been a faithful customer for several years off & on. Ihad a store credit of $55.44 from a return made in October 2016. It took about 3 months of ordering dresses and receiving an “out of stock” email each time. Finally, in January 2017 I placed an order and I never received a confirmation, my store credit was removed and then there was silence. I sent an email complaint which was not resolved until I called and complained more times than I can count. Suddenly my store credit appeared. Fast forward to today. On February 15,2017 I placed an order using my store credit for 2 dresses. I did not receive a comfirmation email of my order, and to date 02/21/2017, I have not been able to talk to anyone. Each time I call I’m told it will be a 45-60 minute wait. THAT’S CRAZY!! I seriously will not be using this company anymore after this is settled. Used to be a great place to shop.

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    I bought a Gucci bag from BF. When I got, it was FAKE. I have bought clothes from them in the past, but I guess hand bags are a different story. When I told the BF rep the bag was fake, she hung up on me. lol Beware of bluffly. The replica bag was excellent quality. Problem is its half the size of the legit Gucci bag….dead giveaway. Also, the dust bag was junk, another clear sign. They wouldn’t take the bag back bc they said it is final sale….wonder why?!?! So I disputed it with the credit care. Shady company….STAY AWAY

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: shady company selling fake bags
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  6. I returned a damaged wallet and Bluefly did not want to send me a credit. They finally did after I posted this on the Internet and apologized.
    The credit was a store credit for 581.00
    I used 230.00 of this credit and then Bluefly arbitrarily removed the balance (340.00 due to me) of my store credit. They told me that they credited my credit card which was cancelled almost two years ago, so it was impossible. I asked them to send me a receipt and they said, they don’t have receipts only transaction numbers. NONE of my credit cards were credited.
    They simply removed my credit.
    This Company is not to be trusted !!!

    BLUEFLY is not an honest company

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