CheapAir Reviews 2018

Save $10 off CheapAir
CheapAir Reviews 2018
CheapAir Reviews 2018
Save $10 off CheapAir

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Summary is a great airfare site if you are looking to save money on your trip within the country. If you’re looking to go out of the country, I’d suggest using another site. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use Cheap Air to find cheap flights anywhere in the country. They are extremely helpful and friendly on the phone. Their site helps you every step of the way. They make it easy for you to find flights, car rentals, hotel rooms, and cruises.

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Originally known as 1-800-Cheap-Air, but now they are a bustling new airfare site.

What makes different? They carefully guide you through all the steps and they make sure you get everything you desire at a low cost. Whether it’s flights, hotels, cars, or cruises – they make sure you get what you want for cheap.

Who doesn’t want extra money for their trips, right?

Plus everyone wants free wifi on their flights and can get it for you, no matter your destination!

Pros: CheapAir Review

Let me run through the positives, obviously the cheap flights and the step by step helping hand is great. But what I was really impressed with was how many different flights they were able to find for me. When I first heard about the site, I figured they’d only find one or two flights, but I was wrong. I’m planning a trip for Germany from Chicago this upcoming fall and I found hundreds of flights!

Also, with their helping hand – they were able to find me a bunch of hotels that would work perfectly for my trip and not to mention a bunch of great rental cars to choose from as well.

If you need any help whatsoever, whether you lose your itinerary or whatever else you might misplace. The people are extremely helpful and friendly. And there is no machine you talk to – you actually talk to a real person. That is one of my favorite things about  

    • Price Drop Payback
    • Mix & Match Fares
    • Reliability Since 1989
    • Safe & Secure Checkout

Cons: CheapAir Review

I don’t have a lot of negative thoughts about, but I do have a few. As impressed as I was with the hundreds of cheap flights I was able to find for my upcoming trip, I was a little disappointed that none of the flights were available at O’Hare Airport or Midway Airport. I would have to go to a smaller airport.

Then I thought I couldn’t be too picky, because Germany is out of the country. Then I decided to check up on my summer trip to California. I was able to find a few cheap flights from O’Hare and Midway, so I was pleased with that.

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