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As you visit the Giglio online store, you will find here various clothing for men, women and children such as vests, jackets, jeans, dresses, cardigans and many more. Apart from that, you can also purchase shoes and accessories that are of the hottest designs right now. Most of the items that are being sold here are made from major fashion labels today especially when it comes to their belts and jewelry. They have 6 boutiques alone in the heart of Palermo city as well as their luxury online website that sells the items mentioned in this Giglio review.

There is but one negative aspect that will be mentioned for the website and it is their amount of days provided for clients if they are willing to return goods to the store. Instead of the usual 30 days, people are expected to bring them back within 10 days after it has been sent out for delivery. This means that people may have less than a week to send the items back especially if they have obtained them online. This is a bit too short of a period and we are hoping that the website would increase this at least up to 15 days.

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Now that we have learned all those things in this Giglio review, why don't you head over to their website now to see what they have to offer. Men can buy bags, shoes, clothing and accessories that they will need for their lifestyle while women and also children can get the things that they want here. Just be sure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of when it comes to transactions and their policies to avoid any confusion later on.

8.7Expert Score
Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
9 Guarantee
9.5 Prices
7.5 Hidden Fees
9.5 Shipping Cost
10 Shipping Delivery
7 Help & Support
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Is Legit & Safe?
Is Reliable?
5.5 Guarantee
5.5 Prices
8 Hidden Fees
5 Shipping Cost
5.5 Shipping Delivery
5.5 Help & Support
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  1. 5
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    100 Guarantee
    100 Prices
    100 Hidden Fees
    100 Shipping Cost
    100 Shipping Delivery
    100 Help & Support

    Great service, products & prices.
    Selection, sizing & shipping are staples, which places Giglio as my go to online retailers.

    + PROS: Great selection and reliable customer service TOP.
    - CONS: Nothing at all
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  2. 0.75
    Is Legit & Safe?
    Is Reliable?
    10 Guarantee
    10 Prices
    60 Hidden Fees
    0 Shipping Cost
    10 Shipping Delivery
    10 Help & Support

    I was sent two of the same products and obviously charged for both of these products. When I contacted the customer service they said I would have to return the other item at my own cost because that is there policy, and it wasn’t there fault. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told the same thing. If you read this and you’re shocked and confused, that is exactly how I felt.

    + PROS: Great prices, and easy to use website.
    - CONS: Unreliable and untrustworthy ordering system, shockingly bad customer service.
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  3. I have had nothing but successful and happy experiences with Giglio! My latest purchase was a Pinko drew that I had looked at while waiting to catch a flight from Linate airport. I loved the dress, but had already spent so much money while traveling that I decided not to purchase the item. Happily about five months later I stumbled across the Giglio site, and there was my beautiful dress from the airport, on sale. I ordered the dress immediately. My package arrived within a few short days. I was pleasantly surprised to see the dress arrive hanging on a Pinko hanger and covered by a Pinko garment bag, as if I had purchased from a shop. Having examined the dress at the airport, I can state without hesitation that my dress was identical. What a treat to get what you want, on sale and beautifully packaged as well! I now have my heart set on an Ermanno Schervino dress, andI hope to order it soon. A wonderful family and company!

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