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What I Like
TuneCore.com Review

As stated above, one of the best things that TuneCore.com has to offer is that they help their clients keep all of their rights and sales that they make from their music. This means that they will not be taking a percentage or cut out of the revenue that you earn via the website. You will be able to keep the full price of your music based on what you have displayed. Besides that, you also obtain detailed reports on sales and other information from places like Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify.

    • Share Your Music
    • Keep Rights & Sales
    • Distribute Safely & Easily
    • All Transactions Secure


What I Didn’t Like
TuneCore.com Review

One of the things that can be noticed with TuneCore.com is that they offer their customers with digital distribution copies only. This means that people won’t be receiving a physical copy of the albums that they have bought through the website. This may not be a big deal for people depending on how they consume their music. Yet there are also those that want to have a physical copy to have a souvenir or memorabilia. Keep this TuneCore.com review advice in mind before purchasing at the store.

    • No Guarantee/Warranty
Overall Thoughts
TuneCore.com Review

Now that we have learned what TuneCore.com is all about, you can tell that the positive aspects of the store is a lot better than the little negative about digital distribution copies only. Most people nowadays would prefer going digital anyway because they won’t have to wait for their shipments to arrive. They can instantly consume the music they are interested in after they have made the purchase. Just keep in mind that you won’t be owning a physical copy when you buy from here. After you have understood these terms, there will be no problems when you order directly from the store in the future. 

About The Company
TuneCore.com Review

Founded in 2005, TuneCore.com is a website that offers musicians to upload their music into online stores such as Google Play Music, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Xbox Music and many more. The company believes that every artist whether they are starting out or established should have an affordable way to access various channels when it comes to music distribution. By using the distribution of the company, you are able to keep full sales revenue without having to give up copyrights, merchandise rights and ownership. Aside from that, this TuneCore.com review also mentions the company helping their clients to collect royalties they earned.

TuneCore Reviews 2020 Is TuneCore Legit Safe reliable

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  1. Tunecore = HORRIBLE, frustrating, a headache no one needs. There is absolutely no phone support, no matter what they claim, contact mechanism online is pretty well hidden, and a communique sent to them might get an answer in two days — or two weeks — or maybe never.

    I am stuck with them as my “administrative publisher,” and it may take years to sort that out.

    IMHO, don’t even THINK about it.


  3. I’ve been with Tunecore for nearly a year now. I’ve had no issues with my tracks being placed on Platforms as promised. My issues is my spotify streams is closed to 10,000 and rising which is reflected in my Tunecore account and has been over 5,000 for over 3 months now! I haven’t even been paid close to £1 so far! They tell me that not all streams are paid streams and that majority of them could be from customers free trial to download with spotify so it may not count! Surely this is not right? A stream is a stream and where do I obtain evidence???

    Without evidence you can be told anything!

    Bring back the oldskool and right to audit clause!

  4. WTH! I paid to distribute my single and absolutely nothing…..I can’t even log onto the site to see what’s the hold up on my music. I haven’t even received a conformation email saying my music is ready to be launched. This site is a straight scam.

  5. The customer service for Tunecore is horrible. They try to address your questions through their FAQs, which usually don’t answer the specific question you’ve asked. Also, they are very slow in providing you customer service. Finally, when they do give you a specific answer, and you question their rationale, they go quiet on you. It’s as if they don’t understand the rationale themselves, so they just ignore you. Just horrible.

  6. I’ve heard many nightmare stories about Tunecore and how they ripped off many their song does well. Stories range from blocked money dispersing due to fake license disputes but they continue to sell your tune and collect the $. They just don’t pay you. Other stories include being hung up on by a guy named Thai when pressed for a legitimate answer to your concerns, and also threatening you to catch them if you can in court. Mr. price the original founder also has a load of mishandling- the- funds accusations on him. I dunno if that’s all old stuff long gone and replaced by the new Tunecore – is there a new and ethically improved Tunecore that is on the up & up? If so, this article hasn’t made reference to such a transformation. I wish I knew that answer…..!

  7. You’re right about wav being the standard, but I think you missed his point Louis. He wasn’t saying he couldn’t do it. He was saying that he worked in IT for 25 years doing support. TuneCore isn’t making it easy to do the conversion. I see his point. Normal people may get lost and not understand what to do. Of course there are ways to convert files. Some are more arcane than others. Getting a user interface correct is pretty hard. He’s complaining that theirs doesn’t do a good job.

  8. I was excited about TuneCore, But no more! I uploaded 20 tracks which cost about $19.00 a track to a total $380.00 I also purchased the Publishing for another $75.00 . After uploading half of my tracks, I started getting emails saying my track was rejected because of wrong artwork? An also wrong audio. Since Im new at using TuneCore, I was able to correct the artwork by using there’s instead of my logo. I also found a few tracks with 24k instead of 16k. I still have at least 8 tracks that cant be fixed or uploaded and after 2 emails they said i would have to pay again to fix this? Really, I wonder how many people make this mistake and lose alot of money. I would suggest you stay far away from this bad business model . I was going to contact the Owners or CEO ,but they also quit!

  9. LOL! 25 years? What have you been doing? Pretending to troubleshoot and escalate every time?

  10. An IT tech of 25 years working with Music File formats should know better. There are conversion programs for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Hell! install Audacity on the MAC, import your music, then export as a WAV. I have been in IT for 40+years. This is child’s play.

  11. TUNECORE STOLE MY MONEY! I had several friends and acquaintances (at least 20) purchase my albums from many different third party companies (iTunes, Spotify, etc) through Tunecore and those purchases were NO WHERE on the sales report. Not a single one of them. Also, when I brought this to their attention over the phone, they gave me some BS that didn’t even make grammatical sense or sense in any way (double talk, avoiding the issue, silence, changing the subject etc.). UNBELIEVABLY, and this is the worst, they would not allow me to delete my account… EVER! These people are thieves and liars and I’m very sorry I wasted my money and time with these thieves. It’s also worthy to note that the money I did get paid MATCHED EXACTLY! almost to the dollar, the amount of money I paid to post the music. No coincidence. STAY AWAY FROM TUNECORE!!!

  12. I will share my perspective as a mainframe computer support specialist for 25 years… TuneCore has no provision to select a Windows music file (WMA type). You must go get iTunes and then try to figure out how to select a file to convert into WAV format before it can be uploaded into TuneCore for distribution, etc.
    To ignore that millions of people use a windows computer and do not want or need an Apple device or iTunes is beyond silly. And after I got iTunes installed, there is no provision to select the file for conversion using the instructions TuneCore provided. At every step, I hit a roadblock for lack of clues as to how to even select a file for conversion to WAV format.
    I’m not a Luddite…. I went straight through college in 4 years with no student debt and worked in IT for 25 years. The problem is that the process to get a Windows music file into a format usable by TuneCore is not documented by them. That is a big problem for a vendor and a potential customer is most likely to walk away and never look into their services again because of lack of instructions and running out of patience. I am patient, but I have limits when I hit a roadblock at every single step.

  13. @ANONYMOUS — You worked in tech for 25 years and don’t know how to convert a .wma to .wav? Next time use google. The news is that .wav is pretty much an industry standard. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but if you can’t convert wma mp3 or flac or aac back to wav then… Big shrug.

  14. You can now review these guys from what I understand.

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