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Best Things about Reviews 2020

Ashford started in 1997 in order provide customers with savings on primarily watches. Through careful planning and inventory controls, they were able to purchase large quantities of inventory at a time. This allows them to offer great prices in comparison to the competition. They are the authorized seller to several well-known brands. Every item you buy from Ashford is 100% authentic, genuine, and legit. They also ensure that the serial numbers haven’t been tampered with, and ship the item in the original box with an owner’s guide. All of their watches are protected by a 2 year warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Ashford offers free ground shipping on all of their watches.

Drawbacks about Reviews 2020

There were 2 drawbacks that I was able to find with Ashford. The refund process can sometimes take up to 2 weeks. This is quite a bit of time for a company to take to refund a customer, especially in the technological age we live in. The other drawback has to do with spotty customer service. Some customers have talked of being put on hold for up to an hour with no resolution. Others have said that email responses were delayed or never came. This is probably not the case for every customer, but is bound to happen when the company is dealing with such a large inventory.

Overall Thoughts: Is Legit, Safe & Reliable?

In Summary, Ashford provides great products as an authorized reseller of most of them. The 2 year warranty will bring peace of mind, when it comes to purchasing your next watch. They also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which means that Ashford is legit and reputable. They offer free ground shipping on their products which is another plus. Ashford watches are authentic and genuine. The brands that they resell are of high quality, and can last a lifetime if they are taken care of properly. At you can find thousands of legit and reputable brands being sold at good prices.

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[review_summary title=” Reviews 2020: Summary Details” positives=”Free Ground Shipping/International Shipping
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Years Warranty
100% New & Authentic
Over 1,000,000 Customers and Counting
“A+” Rating From the BBB” negatives=”Return Shipping Fees
Cannot Return if Shipped Outside of U.S.
Lengthy Return Process/Spotty Customer Service”]Legitimate” value=”5″
Reliable” value=”5″
Safe” value=”5″
Guarantee” value=”5″
Prices” value=”5″
Hidden Fees” value=”5″
Shipping” value=”3″
Support” value=”4″

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  1. Maybe your dealing with an that’s different from the one I know…

    I bought an Armand Nicolet TM7 from in December 2015. Almost immediately after I got it, the chronograph’s reset button failed. I sent to watch to Ashford for repairs since the watch was still under warranty. They kept it for over 4 months without sending me any information about when I might expect to get the watch back. Finally, my patience ran out and I called Ashford. They eventually sent the watch back – of course on a date that was days after the return date they told me over the phone – and the watch’s chronograph reset button IMMEDIATELY BROKE AGAIN. So I sent the watch back to Ashford for repairs. After a couple of months they sent it back; but instead of fixing the watch’s reset button they had comprehensively destroyed the watch itself. It did not work at all when I unpacked and tried to restart it.
    After all this I sent the watch back to Ashford a third time. After about two months, I got an email back from them saying that I will need to spend $500 to get the watch repaired by them, even though it’s still on warranty and failed twice to repair the watch properly. So, rather than get screwed by Ashford a third time, I have had them send the watch back to me.

  2. I am very concerned. I bought a Rado watch in January, then started to notice some marks along the rim of the face of the watch in May. At first I thought it was specks of gold colored dust. I called Ashford, which is when I found out they are not an authorized Rado dealer. I was told to send the watch back to them when they would decide if they could fix it or would need to send me a refurbished replacement watch. I was also told it would take up to 2 months to repair. This didn’t feel right, so I waited a bit, debating if I should send it in or send it to an authorized dealer. This morning the entire crystal fell off while I was sleeping. Wow. This is a $2200 watch – not what I paid but the deal was obviously too good to be true.

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